Our Advantages

  • Design Capability

    Design Capability

    Have more than 10 engineers responsible for product development and provide technological support to customer for better optimization.
  • Precision Parts

    Precision Parts

    Experienced in producing springs with wire diameter ranging from 0.05mm up to 12mm
  • Production Capability

    Production Capability

    Develope special process and equipment in house
  • Quality Guaranteed

    Quality Guaranteed

    ISO9001 certified with all the laboratory tester can make sure the products in good consistency and reliabilty.
  • Cost Competitive

    Cost Competitive

    All products are in design, process and performance. Always refreshing!
  • Faster Lead Time

    Faster Lead Time

    Precision spring: 60,000,000pcs/month Wire form: 20,000,000pcs/month Heavy-duty spring: 8000,000pcs/month Abnormity spring: 3,000,000pcs/month


    10 years of OEM/ODM Experience
  • Environmental protection

    Environmental protection

    Energy saving and environmental protection Constantly for the world presenting a breakthrough product concept

AFR Precision Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2005, we insist on “Technology innovation, Constant improvement, Strive for perfection, Quality first” as our production management philosophy.

Industries Served


  • news_img

    The multifunctionality of variable force springs in POP field

    One kind of popular steel strip spring design- Variable force springs. These springs are common in POP field, Especially being used in propeller and upward shelf display. Variable force springs can provide variable forces to match the required force, they can push on the...

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    Spring is one of the mechanical components which is working by elasticity

    Spring is one mechanical component which worked by elasticity. It was deformed under the external pressure and will come backed to the initial status with pressure removed. Usually they are made from spring steel. There are many kinds...

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    How to produce the suspension springs, a good lesson!

    Typically, there is wide range of wire diameter(from tiny to large) used on suspension springs with the same functions in principle. For examples, the large diameter springs we think it as the ordinary suspension springs which used in ...

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